AverMedia Live Gamer Extreme 3 review – Got variable refresh rate support

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For content creators and gamers who want to record high-quality video footage and live stream their gameplay, AVerMedia has created the GC551G2 Live Gamer Extreme 3. The product has outstanding specifications and features, such as 4K HDR passthrough, extremely low latency, and strong software support. The Live Gamer Extreme 3 will be examined in more detail in this review to determine its value.

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The AVerMedia GC551G2 Live Gamer Extreme 3 has a slick, expertly finished design. The gadget is portable and light, making it simple to carry around. It is durable and protects the internal components thanks to the strong aluminum casing. On the front board, a huge button that can be utilized to begin or quit recording or streaming is situated close to a Drove marker that shows the gadget’s status. The vital sources of info and results, including a HDMI information and result, a USB-C port, and a 3 point 5 mm sound jack, are available on the back board.

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The Live Gamer Extreme 3’s 4K HDR passthrough is one of its best features. This indicates that it is capable of capturing and recording 4K HDR gameplay footage and displaying it on a 4K HDR TV or monitor. The Live Gamer Extreme is now in a position to compete with other top-tier capture cards on the market thanks to this significant upgrade over earlier iterations. The ultra-low latency of the Live Gamer Extreme 3 is another impressive feature. It is crucial for gamers who want to stream and play simultaneously without experiencing any lag that the device has a very short lag time. The RECentral software, which is exclusive to AVerMedia and optimizes the capture and encoding process to reduce delay, is used to achieve the low latency.

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Software-wise, the Live Gamer Extreme 3 includes AVerMedia’s RECentral software suite, one of the most feature-rich and user-friendly capture and streaming programs available today. The software offers a number of capture modes, including Fullscreen, Windowed, and Region, and lets you customize your stream settings, including resolution, bit rate, and frame rate. The Live Gamer Extreme 3 has two HDMI inputs: one for the game console and one for a second device, like a camera or another console. This feature is perfect for gamers who want to record content from multiple consoles or pcs. As a result, switching between devices while streaming or recording is simple. The Live Gamer Extreme 3 performs greatly with regards to results. The contraption can catch and record interactivity film with great sound at goals of up to 1080p and 60 edges each second. The 4K HDR passthrough guarantees that the video is sharp and clear, with energetic varieties and rich blacks.

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In light of everything, the AVerMedia GC551G2 Live Gamer Extreme 3 is an extraordinary outer catch card for content makers and gamers who need to record top notch video film and live transfer their interactivity. The gadget has noteworthy details and elements, for example, 4K HDR passthrough, incredibly low idleness, and solid programming support. For the individuals who request the best exhibition and highlights from their catch card, despite the fact that it isn’t the least expensive choice available, it merits the speculation. The Live Gamer Outrageous 3 is certainly a catch card worth considering on the off chance that you’re on the lookout for another one.

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