MSI Clutch GM51 Lightweight Wireless Review – Got great battery life

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A premium wireless gaming mouse with a focus on performance and speed is the MSI Clutch GM51. In addition to a PixArt PMW 3389 sensor that offers precise tracking and quick response times, it has a lightweight design with a honeycomb shell to help reduce weight and improve airflow. For gamers looking for a premium wireless mouse, the GM51 also has a long battery life, programmable buttons, and customizable RGB lighting.

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Its lightweight design is one of the MSI Clutch GM51’s most notable qualities. The GM51 is one of the lightest wireless gaming mice available, weighing only 74g. While playing for extended periods of time, the honeycomb shell can keep your hand cool and comfortable by improving airflow in addition to assisting in weight reduction. A smooth and precise gaming experience is made possible by the lightweight design of the mouse, which also makes it easy to move and maneuver.

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A further highlight of the MSI Clutch GM51 is the PixArt PMW 3389 sensor. Your movements will be accurately translated on the screen thanks to the accurate tracking and response times provided by this sensor. Gamers can easily customize the sensor to find the ideal sensitivity for their playstyle because it can handle up to 16,000 DPI. A 1000 Hz polling rate is also included in the mouse, enabling a quick and responsive connection to your computer. Using MSI’s software, the seven programmable buttons on the MSI Clutch GM51 can be assigned to a wide range of tasks. You can set the RGB lighting to your preferences, change the DPI settings, and create macros for particular games using this software. The RGB lighting is especially impressive, offering colorful and programmable lighting that can be synchronized with other MSI products for a consistent appearance.

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Another region where the MSI Clutch GM51 sparkles is in battery duration. A solitary charge of the mouse can endure as long as 80 hours, which is striking given its lightweight development and superior execution highlights. For gamers who would rather not stress over running out of battery in a game, the mouse likewise accompanies a USB-C charging link that can be utilized to charge the mouse while it is being used. The MSI Clutch GM51’s able to use both hands configuration could be a negative. Albeit this plan empowers use by both left-and right-gave gamers, it probably won’t be as agreeable for delayed use as a mouse made explicitly for one hand or the other. Beside that, a few clients probably won’t generally care for the honeycomb shell plan since they think it looks as well “gamer-driven.”.

MSI Clutch GM51 Lightweight Wireless_2

The MSI Clutch GM51 is a heavenly remote gaming mouse with remarkable execution, personalization choices, and battery duration generally. While its programmable buttons and adjustable RGB lighting offer a lot of customization choices for gamers hoping to make the mouse their own, its lightweight plan and top notch sensor settle on it an extraordinary decision for gamers who request precision and speed. The GM51 is an incredible choice for gamers searching for a superior remote gaming mouse, despite the fact that its able to use both hands configuration probably won’t be as agreeable for delayed use as a mouse intended for one hand or the other.

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