Arizona Sunshine 2 – A Zombified Road Trip in VR

Arizona Sunshine 2

My initial foray into Arizona Sunshine 2 left me feeling a bit queasy, a VR-induced reminder of my time away from virtual reality gaming. However, with each subsequent playthrough, I discovered a thrilling arcade-style journey through the undead apocalypse that gradually won me over.

Undead Odyssey:

In this VR-exclusive first-person zombie shooter, players step into the shoes of the original game’s hero, navigating through a nightmarish landscape of airports, sewage tunnels, and rooftop parking lots swarming with “Freds,” the protagonist’s cheeky term for zombies. From the outset, it’s evident that this isn’t a game concerned with tight ammo reserves. It’s a power fantasy, offering both tension and sheer exhilaration.

Zombie Mayhem:

The game truly shines when faced with the daunting task of clearing massive hordes of zombies. Initially, I found it challenging and thought I missed a crucial skill or control option. Yet, with practice, mastering the reload animation became key, transforming me into a zombie-slaying virtuoso. The excellent shooting mechanics, diverse weapons, and satisfying reload animations create a consistent and powerful combat experience.

Additions and Enhancements:

Arizona Sunshine 2 introduces two notable additions. First, melee weapons, while breakable, serve as a satisfying alternate attack mode. Unlike more realistic counterparts, these melee attacks embrace an arcade feel, delivering a power fantasy of beheading zombies with a Fruit Ninja-like flair. However, the standout addition is Buddy, the canine companion. Buddy becomes an invaluable ally, aiding in crowd control, fetching items, and even assisting in solving puzzles, injecting a new layer of strategy into the game.

Cooperative Carnage:

The game retains its cooperative online mode, allowing players to embark on the undead adventure with a friend. While the co-op experience doesn’t fundamentally alter the game, it naturally enhances the overall enjoyment, providing a seamless addition to the arcade-like shooter experience.

Story Stumbles:

Unfortunately, the weakest aspect of Arizona Sunshine 2 lies in its story. The protagonist’s incessant and cringe-worthy jokes, coupled with a lack of surprises and predictable plot twists, detract from the overall experience. The narrative suffers from frequent monologues that feel forced, diminishing the potential impact of the storyline.

Final Verdict:

Arizona Sunshine 2 may not be the VR killer app, but it successfully builds upon its predecessor, delivering a bigger and better experience. While the predictable story and character quirks may dampen the adventure, the thrilling gameplay, enhanced by Buddy’s presence, offers an enjoyable journey through the zombie apocalypse. As a VR enthusiast, I found Arizona Sunshine 2 to be a captivating road trip through the undead, making it a worthwhile addition to the VR gaming library.

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