The Talos Principle 2: A Thoughtful Adventure into the Depths of Existence


Video games often explore the excitement of the end of the world, imagining thrilling scenarios where survival means facing evil marauders, rotting mutants, or giant bugs. “The Talos Principle 2,” however, takes a different path, delving into the genuine, logical fear of the end—an end rooted not in abstract notions but in an understanding of humanity’s past mistakes. This game goes beyond the typical apocalyptic setting with monsters and villains, offering a more contemplative perspective on impending doom.

A Philosophical Puzzle Journey:

“The Talos Principle 2” is not just about preventing the end of the world; it’s about questioning how to avoid a self-made catastrophe. The game prompts players to ponder the risks and values associated with their choices, exploring the intrinsic aspects of existence that define who we are. Amidst this philosophical exploration, the game seamlessly integrates a series of captivating puzzles that challenge players’ lateral thinking skills.

Puzzle Mastery:

The core of the game revolves around solving puzzles in self-contained rooms. These challenges require players to reach a goal using tools like weighted cubes, prisms, and pressure plates. The brilliance of the puzzle design shines through as the game introduces new elements, tools, and challenges, ensuring that the nearly 100 rooms remain engaging without becoming tedious or frustrating.

The Mystery of Islands:

Beyond the puzzles, the game unfolds on islands with breathtaking vistas and structures that defy the laws of physics. Set in a post-apocalyptic future, the narrative follows the last remnants of humanity—artificially intelligent robots created by the surviving biological humans. Players embark on a quest to understand the purpose and origin of these mysterious structures, presenting a sweeping puzzle that unfolds over 30 hours of gameplay.

Mythological Encounters:

As players explore the islands, they encounter holographic representations of mythological figures like Prometheus, Pandora, and the Sphinx. Each figure adds an extra layer of intrigue, urging players to unravel the mysteries surrounding their existence and their connection to the structures. The islands themselves serve as a testament to a civilization that has faced its demise due to climate-change disasters.

Characters and Choices:

“The Talos Principle 2” introduces a multitude of characters, each with their own values, fears, and perspectives. The game explores the impact of choices on the evolving plot, with various characters embodying different viewpoints. As players navigate through social media posts, files, and discussions, the narrative unfolds, presenting a dynamic story that can lead to different endings based on player choices.

A Reflective Puzzle:

The most captivating puzzle in the game transcends the physical challenges and resides within the players themselves. It prompts them to question their beliefs, values, and what truly matters. While the first game encouraged self-reflection on individuality, “The Talos Principle 2” delves into the complexities of being part of a society and civilization.

Technical Brilliance with Minor Glitches:

The game exhibits technical prowess with visually stunning landscapes, albeit minor visual glitches such as texture pop-in. Despite these issues, the overall experience remains immersive, except for occasional discrepancies in character departures late in the game. Despite these hiccups, the game delivers a peaceful, beautiful, and brilliant adventure that expands on the strengths of its predecessor.


“The Talos Principle 2” is not just a puzzle game; it’s a journey into the depths of human existence and societal contemplation. The game’s ability to seamlessly weave intricate puzzles with philosophical reflections sets it apart in the gaming landscape. As players navigate through a post-apocalyptic world, they are compelled to ponder essential questions about humanity, making this game a rare gem that combines intellectual stimulation with engaging gameplay. While many games explore the idea of the world’s end, “The Talos Principle 2” stands out for its thoughtful exploration of what that end truly means and the choices that define our existence. And yes, the puzzles are genuinely exceptional.

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