Super Mario Bros. Wonder: A Marvelous Return to 2D Mario Magic


Super Mario Bros. Wonder takes a leap into the spotlight, challenging the notion that 2D Mario games are mere throwbacks. Nintendo’s latest installment surprises and delights players with Wonder effects, transforming familiar gameplay into a captivating experience. In this review, we delve into the enchanting world of Mario Wonder, exploring its creativity, diverse features, and the unexpected joys it brings to the 2D Mario realm.

I. Wonder Effects: Transforming Mario’s World

  1. Galactic Inspiration: Wonder Effects akin to Super Mario Galaxy:
    • The Wonder effects in Mario Wonder act like the planetoids in Super Mario Galaxy, offering stage designers the freedom to be inventive and surprising. This simple yet powerful concept allows for constant reinvention of mechanics, providing players with a game filled with delightful surprises, akin to unwrapping personalized gifts.
  2. Loose and Unobtrusive Story: Wonder Flower’s Reality-Altering Power:
    • The narrative revolves around Bowser stealing the Wonder Flower, unleashing chaos. The loose story grants Nintendo creative freedom, allowing for unexpected and imaginative gameplay twists. The Wonder Flowers change reality in significant, often unpredictable ways, rekindling the dream-like logic that made the original Mario games memorable.

II. Gameplay Diversity: A Symphony of Wonder

  1. Diverse Wonder Effects: From Goomba Transformations to Rhythmic Dances:
    • Mario Wonder introduces a multitude of Wonder effects that keep players on their toes. Whether transformed into a Goomba, experiencing silhouette visions, or engaging in rhythmic dances, each stage offers a new surprise. The unpredictability adds an element of excitement, with challenges ranging from genuinely difficult to light-hearted and humorous.
  2. New Setting and Enemies: Expanding Mario’s World:
    • The game’s new setting allows for the introduction of inventive enemy types while staying true to Mario’s visual and gameplay aesthetic. Familiar foes like Goombas and Boos return alongside new additions like Condarts, Hoppycats, and Mumsies. The diverse enemy roster enhances the platforming experience and complements the Wonder effects seamlessly.

III. Power-ups and Badges: Enhancing the Mario Arsenal

  1. Innovative Power-ups: Elephant, Bubble, and Drill Suit:
    • Mario Wonder introduces new power-ups like the Elephant, granting jumbo-sized strength and water-spraying abilities. The Bubble power-up and the versatile Drill Suit add layers to gameplay, seamlessly fitting into Mario’s arsenal. Each power-up offers a unique twist, blending seamlessly with the classic Mario formula.
  2. Playable Characters and Badges: Customizing the Mario Experience:
    • The game features a diverse cast of playable characters, each with its own flair. However, character abilities have been streamlined, and distinct character traits from Mario 2 are absent. Instead, Badges serve as a light equipment system, allowing players to customize gameplay styles. Badge variety ranges from altering gameplay behavior to providing passive benefits and introducing challenging gameplay effects.

IV. Online Multiplayer and Features: Modernizing the Mario Experience

  1. Thoughtful Online Multiplayer: Co-op and Competitive Play:
    • Online multiplayer in Mario Wonder is a standout feature, allowing players to join lobbies, play stages together, and even engage in speedrun-like races. The thoughtful design extends to asynchronous features, such as standees and shadows of other players, enhancing the solo experience by providing hints and creating an engaging puzzle-solving dynamic.
  2. New Online Features: Standees, Shadows, and Heart Points:
    • The inclusion of standees, collectible through in-game coin currency, introduces a cooperative element. Players can strategically place standees in stages to assist others, fostering a helpful community. Shadows of other players wandering through stages offer insights, contributing to an asynchronous puzzle-solving experience. Earning Heart Points showcases players’ helpfulness and adds a layer of depth to the online community.

V. Presentation and Craftsmanship: A Visual and Auditory Feast

  1. Visual Brilliance: Vibrant Colors and Expressive Animations:
    • Mario Wonder stands out with visually stunning design, featuring expressive animations and vibrant backgrounds. The game’s confectionary colors pop off the screen, creating visually arresting moments. The attention to detail in level design, such as fluttering petals, showcases the craftsmanship that defines a Mario game.
  2. Audio Excellence: Commentary and Chatterbox Flowers:
    • The audio experience is enriched by running commentary from talking flowers throughout the kingdom. These flowers provide hints, crack jokes, and add a humorous touch without being obtrusive. This risky choice pays off, contributing to the immersive and engaging atmosphere of Mario Wonder.

Conclusion: Mario Wonder’s Triumph in 2D Splendor

Super Mario Bros. Wonder lives up to its name, delivering a constant sense of awe and delight. The Wonder effects serve as a springboard for boundless creativity, redefining what a 2D Mario game can achieve. With a diverse array of Wonder effects, innovative power-ups, and thoughtful online features, Mario Wonder cements its place as a modern classic. The game’s captivating presentation, visual brilliance, and audio excellence make it a worthy successor to Super Mario World, setting a new standard for 2D Mario adventures. Mario Wonder is not just a return; it’s a triumphant celebration of the magic that 2D Mario can bring to the gaming medium.

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