NBA 2K24 – A Great Game Hindered by Pay-to-Win Issues


NBA 2K24 faces criticism due to the lack of competition in the sports gaming genre. Fans express their opinions about the game, pointing out both positive aspects and significant problems. Despite being a consistently enjoyable basketball simulation, NBA 2K24 struggles with a pay-to-win economy, impacting the overall gaming experience.

Game Modes and Features:

The game includes familiar modes like MyCareer, MyTeam, and MyNBA, with the addition of Mamba Moments, focusing on Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. However, Mamba Moments falls short compared to previous features, lacking depth and engagement. It offers fewer playable games and misses the in-depth interviews found in the Jordan Challenge.

Gameplay and Presentation:

NBA 2K24 introduces ProPlay technology, enhancing the feel of the game on the court. The improved fluidity and range, especially in body momentum simulation, make the gameplay more realistic. The game continues to excel in presentation, replicating the NBA experience with impressive visuals, commentary, and atmospheres.

MyNBA Mode and Eras:

Changes in MyNBA mode are relatively small, with the return of the Eras feature, showcasing the LeBron Era. While unique, it doesn’t match the impact of the previous year’s introduction. The game’s attention to detail and realistic presentation remain commendable, even though some elements seem to have reached a plateau.

In-Game Economy Issues:

The major drawback of NBA 2K24 is its in-game economy, particularly in MyTeam. The pay-to-win nature of the mode allows players to buy their way to success, creating imbalanced matchups. The introduction of a paid battle pass system and the shortened season further contribute to a money-centric approach, alienating players unwilling to invest in the game.

The City – A Dystopian Social Space:

The City, a social hub, revolves around in-game purchases, creating a dystopian atmosphere. Players face pressure to spend real money on VC for player improvement, fashion, and branded items. The focus on in-game advertising and purchases diminishes the immersive experience, turning player engagement into a shopping mall nightmare.


While NBA 2K24 offers impressive gameplay, presentation, and unique features, its greatness is overshadowed by pervasive pay-to-win issues. The in-game economy affects crucial aspects of the game, making it less enjoyable for players who resist investing real money. The game’s detailed basketball simulation expertise is undermined by profit-driven decisions, leaving NBA 2K24 with the unfortunate reputation of a game compromised by financial considerations.

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