Wrestling Excellence Unleashed: A Comprehensive Review of WWE 2K16 for PC


WWE 2K16, released for PC in 2016, stands as a definitive milestone in the world of professional wrestling video games. Developed by Yuke’s and Visual Concepts, this installment in the WWE 2K series builds upon its predecessors, delivering a gaming experience that combines realism, authenticity, and an expansive roster of WWE superstars. In this extensive review, we will delve into the intricacies of WWE 2K16 for PC, exploring its gameplay mechanics, presentation, roster, and overall impact on the virtual wrestling landscape.

Section 1: In the Ring Gameplay

1.1 Realistic Wrestling Mechanics: WWE 2K16 strives for authenticity in the wrestling experience, presenting players with a refined set of in-ring mechanics. From grapples and strikes to submissions and high-flying maneuvers, the game captures the nuances of professional wrestling, allowing players to execute moves with precision and strategy.

1.2 Chain Wrestling and Counters: One of the standout features in WWE 2K16 is the introduction of chain wrestling and a revamped counter system. Players engage in a dynamic lock-up at the start of matches, determining the pace and control. The counter system adds an extra layer of strategy, requiring well-timed button presses to reverse opponents’ attacks seamlessly.

1.3 Showcasing Momentum and Comebacks: WWE 2K16 skillfully incorporates momentum and comeback mechanics. As matches progress, players build momentum, enabling the execution of devastating signature and finishing moves. Comeback moments allow wrestlers to rally against the odds, adding drama and excitement to the gameplay.

Section 2: MyCareer Mode and Universe Mode

2.1 MyCareer Immersion: MyCareer mode returns with enhancements, offering players the chance to guide a created wrestler from NXT to WWE stardom. The immersive journey includes rivalries, promos, and storyline choices, allowing players to shape the narrative of their virtual wrestling career.

2.2 Universe Mode Customization: WWE 2K16 refines the Universe Mode, providing extensive customization options for managing WWE programming. Players can control rosters, book matches, and orchestrate storylines, creating a dynamic and evolving WWE universe tailored to their preferences.

2.3 Showcase Mode: Stone Cold Steve Austin: Showcase Mode takes center stage with a focus on the iconic Stone Cold Steve Austin. Players relive Austin’s legendary career through a series of historic matches and moments, adding a nostalgic touch to the game that resonates with long-time WWE fans.

Section 3: Extensive Roster and Creation Suite

3.1 Massive Superstar Roster: WWE 2K16 boasts a colossal roster featuring a diverse array of WWE superstars, legends, and NXT talents. From familiar faces to unexpected surprises, the game celebrates the breadth and depth of WWE’s rich history, providing fans with a multitude of options for dream matchups and fantasy bookings.

3.2 Creation Suite Enhancements: The Creation Suite receives notable upgrades, allowing players to craft their own wrestlers, championships, arenas, and shows with unprecedented detail. From facial expressions to attire customization, the suite empowers players to bring their creative visions to life within the WWE 2K16 universe.

3.3 Downloadable Content (DLC): WWE 2K16 introduces a series of DLC packs, expanding the roster and content offerings. Additional superstars, moves, and attire options become available through these downloadable expansions, ensuring the game remains fresh and up-to-date with the latest in the WWE landscape.

Section 4: Visuals, Presentation, and Audio

4.1 Visual Fidelity: WWE 2K16 delivers impressive visuals, capturing the likenesses and mannerisms of WWE superstars with a high level of detail. The character models, arenas, and animations contribute to a visually immersive experience that replicates the grandeur of WWE broadcasts.

4.2 Authentic Presentation: The game excels in replicating the authentic presentation of WWE events. From the entrance themes and pyrotechnics to the commentary team and crowd reactions, WWE 2K16 creates an atmosphere that mirrors the excitement of watching a live wrestling broadcast.

4.3 Dynamic Commentary: WWE 2K16 features dynamic commentary that responds to in-ring actions, storylines, and match developments. The commentary team, led by Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and John “Bradshaw” Layfield, adds to the realism and immersion, providing relevant insights and reactions.

Section 5: Online Multiplayer and Community Creations

5.1 Online Multiplayer Modes: WWE 2K16 offers online multiplayer modes, allowing players to test their skills against opponents worldwide. From standard one-on-one matches to customizable tournaments and leagues, the online component adds a competitive dimension to the game, extending its replay value.

5.2 Community Creations Hub: The Community Creations Hub serves as a platform for players to share and download created content. This includes custom wrestlers, championships, arenas, and more. The hub fosters a sense of community engagement, encouraging players to showcase their creativity and discover unique contributions from others.

Section 6: Critiques and Areas for Improvement

6.1 AI Behavior: While WWE 2K16 excels in many areas, some players have noted occasional inconsistencies in AI behavior during matches. Improving the responsiveness and decision-making of computer-controlled opponents could enhance the overall gaming experience.

6.2 Match Load Times: Load times between matches, particularly in MyCareer mode, have been identified as a point of critique. Streamlining these load times would contribute to a smoother and more fluid gameplay experience, reducing potential interruptions in the immersive narrative.


WWE 2K16 for PC stands as a testament to the evolution of professional wrestling video games, blending realism, customization, and an extensive roster to deliver an immersive experience for WWE fans and gaming enthusiasts alike. With its refined gameplay mechanics, engaging career modes, and celebratory showcase of WWE history, WWE 2K16 solidifies its place as a standout title in the wrestling game genre. While not without its minor imperfections, the game succeeds in capturing the essence of WWE entertainment, inviting players to step into the squared circle and experience the adrenaline-pumping excitement of the world of professional wrestling. Whether engaging in epic showdowns, crafting unique storylines, or simply reveling in the nostalgia of iconic moments, WWE 2K16 offers a compelling and entertaining journey for fans of sports entertainment and virtual wrestling alike.

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