Glorious Model O2 Review – Superbly lightweight

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The Glorious gaming mouse has long been the industry leader in portability. They have released a number of wired and wireless variations, including the original Model O, the Model D, and the Model I. The Glorious Model O2, their most recent product, is an improved and updated version of the acclaimed Model O. The multiple perforations on the mouse’s surface show that the Model O2 has improved sensors, redesigned buttons, and programmable switches despite its lightweight design. When we first opened the box, we noticed that the SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless, which also has a comparable weight, and this mouse’s size and shape are strikingly similar.

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The Model O2 glides across the desk without effort thanks to its lightweight construction and 100% PTFE feet. While the Aerox 3 boasts RGB lighting, the Model O2 stands out for its hidden features. Glorious has improved the internals of the Model O2 to give it a higher maximum DPI, faster tracking, and longer battery life. Additionally, a new sensor in this updated version provides improved tracking and greater accuracy. A new hinge system and subtle grooves have been added to the main switches to improve comfort when using the mouse. The switches on the Glorious Model O2, including the side thumb buttons, deliver crisp responses and satisfying clicks. The mouse wheel responds in a pleasantly quiet manner and has a subtle tactile feel. Overall, the Model O2 wireless checks a lot of boxes, making it a great option for gamers.

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The Model O2 has a 2.4GHz dongle for lag-free wireless gaming and can switch to Bluetooth mode by flicking a switch on the underside. It is advised to maintain the mouse’s low-RGB brightness mode, which is the default setting for battery conservation, as higher brightness levels will cause the battery to discharge more quickly. We discovered during our testing that the Model O2 required charging more frequently than we had anticipated, though this will vary depending on individual usage. When the battery is getting low, the RGB lighting serves as a helpful indicator by flashing red. The Model O2 includes a detachable USB-C cable that can be used to simultaneously charge the mouse and the game, but oddly, it can only be plugged in one way, which can be a little frustrating if you’re in a hurry. The Model O2, however, proved to be responsive and accurate throughout lengthy gaming sessions. We didn’t experience any signal issues. Overall, it’s a great option for wireless gaming.

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