You Will Die Here Tonight – A Spooky Rollercoaster Ride

You Will Die Here Tonight

Alright, so You Will Die Here Tonight (YWDHT) kicks off with this wild Resident Evil-style cop solving a tricky book puzzle, going into a secret lab, and boom! Her ally turns into a big bad, shoots her dead in just 15 minutes. It’s like starting a horror movie at the end, and villains win – real shocker.

But, here’s the deal: after that cool intro, the game kinda goes down a predictable horror road. It’s like it forgets the clever start and dives into typical scary stuff without shaking it up.

In YWDHT, you’re in for a two to four-hour ride of isometric survival horror, inspired by Resident Evil. The story starts strong with a big bad, but then it throws in a roguelite system. When your character bites the dust, you become another cop from A.R.I.E.S. (definitely not S.T.A.R.S.), keeping story items and maybe finding other scraps.

Now, the opening scene is all serious, but the characters vary. Some lines are deep, others are like cringe-worthy middle school jokes. The mansion-like setting, secret labs, torture dungeon, it’s all very Resident Evil-ish. You solve puzzles, collect items, and explore like it’s the ’90s again.

The problem? Games have evolved, but YWDHT feels like it stepped backward. Some puzzles seem unfair, almost like the game wants you to live up to its name. And combat? It switches to first-person, but it’s kinda dull. Headshots on zombies are too easy, and sometimes the distance is hard to gauge.

Here’s the kicker: you can lose characters, but it doesn’t do much. I deliberately got them all killed, expecting a dramatic twist. Nope, got an arcade-style “continue” screen. Confusing, right? Why threaten character loss if it doesn’t matter?

In a nutshell, You Will Die Here Tonight feels like a mix of horror ideas that don’t quite fit together. It’s not the seamless scary experience you might be hoping for.

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