Alan Wake 2 – A Game That Surpasses Expectations


Alan Wake 2 is a game that stands out for its ambition and, contrary to expectations, successfully achieves its lofty goals. Developed by Remedy Entertainment, this sequel is a unique and daring experience that redefines its series, breaks new ground in video game storytelling, and showcases the full potential of the studio.

Dual Campaigns for All Audiences:

Set 13 years after the events of the original game, Alan Wake 2 caters to both new players and long-time fans. The game cleverly divides its narrative into two campaigns, providing fresh perspectives on the mystery-laden plot. One follows FBI agent Saga Anderson investigating disappearances in Bright Falls, while the other puts players in the shoes of Alan Wake trapped in the nightmarish Dark Place.

Storytelling Synergy:

Both storylines intertwine seamlessly, offering unique and essential contributions to the overall plot. Players can switch between protagonists at safe rooms, adding a layer of personality and altering the experience. The narrative remains captivating, whether players choose to follow one story at a time or embrace the intertwined nature of the storytelling.

Survival-Horror Gameplay:

While the original Alan Wake had horror elements, Alan Wake 2 fully embraces survival-horror. Players must manage inventories, seek refuge in safe rooms, and strategically engage with hardier enemies. Combat encounters become more intense and methodical, requiring careful consideration of resources and environmental factors.

Unique Gameplay Mechanics:

Introducing Alan’s Plot Board and Saga’s Case Board, the game offers inventive gameplay mechanics. These tools allow players to alter reality and solve puzzles while immersing them in the investigation aspect of the narrative. The subjective puzzle mechanics keep players engaged without becoming overwhelming.

Evocative Visuals and Atmosphere:

Alan Wake 2 impresses with its stunning visuals and detailed environments. The game seamlessly transitions between the Dark Place and the real world, creating a hypnotic atmosphere. The Pacific Northwest setting, despite its gloomy nature, is rich in detail, enhancing the overall immersion.

Multimedia Fantasy:

The inclusion of live-action scenes, expert cinematography, and a strong focus on music elevate Alan Wake 2 into a multimedia fantasy. The game stretches the boundaries of traditional video game storytelling, offering elaborate imagery and a unique audiovisual style. Live-action elements are used effectively, contributing to a memorable and immersive experience.

Meta-Narrative and Story Depth:

Alan Wake 2 goes beyond being just a game; it’s meta as it weaves nightmares, timeloops, and a distorted monomyth into a complex story about writing, balance, irony, and more. The game invites players to decipher its mysteries and offers layers of narrative depth. The meta-narrative reflects Remedy’s own journey in returning to the Alan Wake universe.

Remedy Connected Universe (RCU):

The game expands the Remedy Connected Universe, intertwining not only with the Alan Wake series but also continuing Control’s story. References to Max Payne and Quantum Break add to the richness, creating a shared story world that captivates players. The RCU elements add an extra layer of excitement for those familiar with or eager to explore this interconnected universe.


Alan Wake 2 is a game that surpasses expectations, offering a gorgeous, eccentric, and immersive experience. With its unique gameplay, multimedia elements, and a narrative that delves into complex themes, the game stands as a remarkable achievement for Remedy Entertainment. It not only delivers a captivating sequel to Alan Wake but also contributes to the evolving landscape of video game storytelling.

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