Payday 3 – A Heist Adventure with Hits and Misses


Payday 3, the latest in the series, brings back the iconic image of masked thieves in a thrilling heist. Known for its unique take on cooperative heist simulation, the game attempts to revamp its formula. However, it faces challenges with a lack of content and a confusing progression system.

Heist Storyline:

In Payday 3, the familiar crew of thieves is back for more heists, connected by a plot that takes itself too seriously. The contrast between the serious storyline and the absurdity of the heists creates a disconnect. The game’s locations are relatively realistic, but the tasks required for completion often venture into the realm of the absurd.

Cooperative Heist Experience:

The game introduces a novel approach to heists, allowing almost all of them to be completed without firing a single bullet. This adds a layer of strategy, encouraging players to bypass security cameras, avoid guards, and execute the perfect getaway. The ability to switch between stealth and aggression keeps the gameplay dynamic.

Stealth Mechanics:

Stealth plays a significant role in silent heists, presenting innovative ideas for cooperative missions. Players caught in restricted areas have the option to follow guards to the exit without triggering an immediate alarm. The game introduces creative actions like using silent weapons and responding to radio check-ins to maintain a non-violent state. The fine balance between staying undetected and going loud provides an engaging experience.

Varied Heist Objectives:

The game offers eight diverse heists, each presenting a unique challenge. Notable heists, such as the neon-drenched club and the elaborate old-fashioned bank, showcase clever layouts and well-placed objectives. The emphasis on silent infiltration and loud extractions adds complexity to each mission.

Competent Combat:

When the time comes to go loud, Payday 3 transitions into a competent first-person shooter. Players face waves of police forces with varied units, requiring strategic defense. The weapons feel impactful, and precise movement adds to the satisfaction of accurate kills. However, the sheer number of enemies can sometimes border on the comical.

Progression Challenges:

Payday 3 struggles with its progression system. Player advancement is slow, tied to completing challenges rather than heists. The limited number of heists at launch becomes apparent quickly, and the grind to unlock new weapons and gear feels unrewarding. The forced playstyle for progression creates matchmaking issues and diminishes the dynamic aspects of each heist.

Limited Weapon Options:

The game’s progression system limits the variety of weapons available, leaving players with the same few options for an extended period. While weapon mods provide some customization, the lack of diverse options may disappoint players seeking variety.


Payday 3 introduces innovative elements to cooperative heist gameplay but faces challenges with its progression system and limited content. While the game excels in providing rich challenges and satisfying stealth objectives, its slow progression and lack of diverse rewards may deter some players. The foundation is strong, but post-launch support will be crucial in addressing these issues and determining the game’s longevity.

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