El Paso, Elsewhere – A Unique Blend of Vampires, Love, and Action


El Paso, Elsewhere offers a fresh perspective on the vampire genre by combining thrilling third-person shooter gameplay with a captivating love story. In this game, you step into the shoes of James Savage, a monster hunter on a mission to stop his ex-girlfriend, Draculae, from bringing about the end times. The narrative explores the complexities of their relationship amidst a crumbling world, adding depth to the traditional vampire narrative.

Story and Characters:

The game follows James Savage, a monster hunter battling his destructive tendencies and pill addiction while trying to save the world. The story takes a unique turn as it reveals the love story between Savage and Draculae, portrayed through engaging voice acting and audio logs found during the journey. The blossoming love and subsequent challenges create a compelling dynamic, making the characters stand out.

Gameplay and Challenges:

El Paso, Elsewhere focuses on intense action, challenging players to shoot monsters, save hostages, and navigate through visually diverse levels. The gameplay is punchy and exhilarating, with satisfying headshots and a slow-motion meter that adds flair to combat. The game strikes a balance between power fantasy and challenge, introducing elements like manual reloading to keep players engaged and strategic.

Exploration and Void-traversing:

The game’s unique setting involves traversing a void filled with memories from Savage and Draculae’s past. These memories transform seamlessly, reflecting Savage’s struggle with reality. The level design keeps the navigation fresh and exciting, with locales shifting delicately, replicating Savage’s confusion effectively.

Narrative Presentation and Inspirations:

El Paso, Elsewhere draws inspiration from various narrative-based shooters, including Max Payne and Stranglehold. The narration style, somber tone, and use of slow-motion are reminiscent of these classics, while the game adds its own twists and ideas. The narrative presentation, coupled with pulsating music videos and mind-bending level layouts, creates a unique and memorable experience.

Visual Style and Identity:

The game’s visual style, featuring retro-style character models and chunky pickups, may seem familiar yet distinct. El Paso, Elsewhere strikes a delicate balance between emulating inspirations and adding its own identity. The result is a game that feels both nostalgic and original, offering a unique approach to narrative-driven action.


Despite a slow start, El Paso, Elsewhere becomes an unrelenting experience once it hits its stride. The game’s strong ideas, evolving enemies, and delicate balancing of power enhance its straightforward action. The captivating love story presents a novel take on vampire mythologies, supported by impressive performances. El Paso, Elsewhere stands out as more than the sum of its apparent parts, offering an exciting narrative and gunplay experience that shouldn’t be judged solely by its inspirations.

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