Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways DLC – A Fresh Twist on a Classic


Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 remake has transformed one of the greatest games into a masterpiece that stands alongside the original. Among the highlights is the Separate Ways DLC, an add-on featuring Ada Wong’s solo mission. Unlike the original add-on, this remake adds new tools, reshapes familiar environments, and enriches the story. It goes beyond being a mere add-on, making Resident Evil 4 feel even more complete.

Story and Gameplay:

In Separate Ways, players take on the role of Ada Wong, a spy on a mission to retrieve a biological weapon for the enigmatic Albert Wesker. The story retains its ambiguity, with Ada playing multiple sides. However, this time, the stakes are higher as Ada is infected with the plagas parasite, adding complexity to her motives. The narrative expansion gives more screen time to characters like Luis Sera, providing a deeper understanding of their roles in the Resident Evil universe.

New Gameplay Mechanics:

Ada’s espionage mission introduces various gadgets, with the grappling hook taking center stage. This tool allows Ada to zipline, delivering stylish kicks to enemies or reaching higher ground. An augmented-reality implant adds detective-like elements, revealing footsteps and fingerprints for mini-puzzles. These bespoke mechanics enhance Ada’s character, showcasing her skills and resourcefulness.

Stealth and Combat:

The spy aesthetic brings a focus on stealth, encouraging players to sneak around ganados. While stealth can feel scripted at times, Ada’s new abilities, like grappling toward enemies, add dynamism to combat. The game rewards a more action-oriented approach, where Ada’s combat prowess shines through in stylish and dynamic encounters.

Spy Tone and Character Representation:

Separate Ways leans into its spy aesthetic, complemented by Sean Connery-era Bond guitars, giving Ada’s mission a cool and suave vibe. Voice actress Lily Gao’s portrayal of Ada captures her reserved, serious, and calculated demeanor, standing out amidst the melodrama of other characters.

Espionage and Exploration:

The espionage theme introduces more stealth elements, encouraging players to navigate familiar environments with a fresh perspective. Ada’s grappling hook and zipline offer new traversal options, creating dynamic encounters in previously explored areas.

Story Expansion and Boss Fights:

Separate Ways not only tells a new story but also serves as an essential extension to Leon’s campaign. The DLC introduces deeper connections, new plotlines, and an exploration of Ada’s infection, linking it to Pesanta, a mysterious antagonist. While some iconic scenes from the original are reintroduced, they fit seamlessly into Ada’s story, adding depth and context.


Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways DLC goes beyond being a typical add-on. It delivers a meaningful expansion with a new story, distinct tone, and innovative mechanics. While some nods to the past can feel overt, the DLC enhances an already remarkable game, providing an essential and enjoyable extension to the Resident Evil 4 experience.

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