Squareface – Unraveling the Geometric Adventures of a Cubist Hero


Squareface, a uniquely crafted indie game developed by VAN CUBO, invites players to delve into a cubic world teeming with challenges, mysteries, and quirky characters. With its distinctive art style, immersive gameplay mechanics, and a narrative that unfolds in a cubic realm, Squareface stands out in the gaming landscape. In this comprehensive game review, we embark on a journey through the geometric landscapes of Squareface, exploring its gameplay features, visual aesthetics, sound design, and overall player experience.

Section 1: The Cubic Universe of Squareface

1.1 Cubist Aesthetics:

Squareface introduces players to a visually captivating world dominated by cubic shapes. From landscapes and characters to items and environments, the entire aesthetic is steeped in the distinctive style of cubism. The game’s commitment to this unique art form creates an immersive experience, drawing players into a cubic universe that is both charming and unconventional.

1.2 Narrative Framework:

The narrative of Squareface unfolds within this cubic realm, where players assume the role of a cubist hero navigating through various challenges and unraveling the mysteries that lie within. The game seamlessly integrates its narrative into the gameplay, offering a cohesive experience that drives players to explore and discover the secrets hidden within the cubic landscapes.

Section 2: Gameplay Mechanics

2.1 Action-Adventure Elements:

Squareface combines action and adventure elements to create a dynamic gaming experience. Players engage in combat, solve puzzles, and explore cubic environments as they progress through the game’s narrative. The fusion of these elements adds layers of complexity to the gameplay, keeping players engaged and providing a varied and satisfying experience.

2.2 Combat System:

The combat system in Squareface is intuitive and responsive. Players utilize a variety of cubist weapons and tools to fend off enemies, each with its unique properties. The game encourages experimentation with different combat strategies, allowing players to tailor their approach based on the challenges presented.

2.3 Puzzle Solving and Exploration:

Exploration is a central theme in Squareface, and the game offers a plethora of puzzles that range in complexity. From environmental challenges that require creative thinking to intricate puzzles that test problem-solving skills, players are constantly engaged in unraveling the mysteries of the cubic world.

2.4 Quests and Objectives:

Structured as a series of quests and objectives, Squareface provides players with a clear sense of progression. Quests drive the narrative forward and serve as a framework for exploration, encouraging players to venture into different regions of the cubic universe and encounter diverse challenges.

Section 3: Visual Aesthetics and Artistic Design

3.1 Cubist Artistry:

Squareface’s visual aesthetics are a testament to the game’s commitment to cubist artistry. The cubic landscapes, characters, and animations are not only visually appealing but also contribute to the game’s overall atmosphere. The art style stands as a defining feature that sets Squareface apart in the gaming realm.

3.2 Color Palette and Design Consistency:

The color palette used in Squareface is both vibrant and harmonious, complementing the cubic design. The consistency in design across different elements of the game creates a cohesive visual experience, ensuring that every aspect of the cubic universe fits seamlessly into the overall artistic vision.

3.3 Character Design and Customization:

Character design in Squareface is characterized by cubist simplicity and charm. Players can customize their cubist hero, adding a personal touch to their gaming experience. The ability to modify and personalize the protagonist adds an extra layer of engagement, allowing players to connect with their cubic avatar.

Section 4: Audio and Sound Design

4.1 Atmospheric Soundscapes:

Squareface’s sound design contributes significantly to the game’s atmospheric charm. The cubic world is accompanied by an immersive soundscape that enhances the gaming experience. From ambient sounds in different environments to the quirky tunes that underscore key moments, the audio elements enrich the overall atmosphere.

4.2 Sound Effects and Feedback:

The game’s sound effects provide immediate feedback during gameplay, enhancing the sense of immersion. Whether it’s the satisfying clash of cubic weapons in combat or the subtle cues that accompany puzzle-solving, the sound design in Squareface ensures that every action is met with an appropriate auditory response.

Section 5: Player Progression and Rewards

5.1 Cubits and Currency System:

Squareface employs a currency system known as Cubits, which players can collect as they progress through the game. Cubits serve as a form of in-game currency, allowing players to purchase items, weapons, and customizations. The currency system adds an element of resource management to the gameplay, providing strategic choices for players.

5.2 Character Upgrades:

Player progression in Squareface involves character upgrades that enhance the hero’s abilities and combat prowess. As players accumulate Cubits and complete quests, they can invest in upgrades that suit their preferred playstyle. The progression system adds depth to the gameplay, rewarding players for their efforts and encouraging continued exploration.

Section 6: Challenges and Enemy Variety

6.1 Diverse Enemy Types:

Squareface features a diverse array of cubic adversaries, each with its unique characteristics and challenges. From aggressive enemies that require swift combat skills to puzzle-oriented adversaries that demand creative problem-solving, the variety in enemy types keeps the gameplay dynamic and engaging.

6.2 Boss Battles:

Boss battles in Squareface stand out as highlights of the gaming experience. These encounters present players with formidable cubic foes that require strategic thinking and combat finesse to overcome. The boss battles serve as climactic moments within the narrative, providing a sense of accomplishment as players conquer these challenging opponents.

Section 7: Multiplayer and Cooperative Features

7.1 Multiplayer Arena:

Squareface introduces a multiplayer arena mode where players can engage in cubic combat against each other. The multiplayer feature adds a competitive edge to the game, allowing players to test their combat skills against friends or online opponents. The arena mode promotes community engagement and replayability.

7.2 Cooperative Exploration:

In addition to competitive multiplayer, Squareface offers a cooperative mode where players can team up to explore the cubic universe together. Cooperative gameplay encourages collaboration in solving puzzles, tackling challenges, and experiencing the narrative as a shared adventure, fostering a sense of camaraderie among players.

Section 8: Community Engagement and Modding

8.1 Modding Support:

Squareface supports modding, allowing the community to create and share custom content. The modding community enhances the longevity of the game by introducing new levels, challenges, and creative modifications. The availability of modding tools empowers players to contribute to the evolution of Squareface’s cubic universe.

8.2 Community Forums and Social Platforms:

To foster community engagement, Squareface provides forums and social platforms where players can connect, share experiences, and discuss gameplay strategies. These platforms serve as hubs for the Squareface community, creating a space for players to interact, offer tips, and celebrate their cubic adventures.

Section 9: Accessibility and Cross-Platform Compatibility

9.1 Intuitive Controls:

Squareface prioritizes accessibility with intuitive controls that make navigation and combat straightforward. The game’s control scheme is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that players of varying skill levels can enjoy the cubic adventure without facing unnecessary barriers.

9.2 Cross-Platform Compatibility:

Squareface offers cross-platform compatibility, allowing players to experience the game on different gaming platforms. Whether on PC, console, or mobile devices, the game adapts to various platforms, providing flexibility and accessibility for players to enjoy the cubic journey on their preferred devices.

Section 10: Post-Launch Support and Updates

10.1 Developer Commitment:

The commitment of VAN CUBO to post-launch support is evident in their ongoing efforts to refine and enhance Squareface. Regular updates, patches, and additional content contribute to the game’s longevity, ensuring that players continue to discover new facets of the cubic universe with each update.


Squareface emerges as a standout indie game, inviting players into a cubic universe where artistry, gameplay, and narrative intricately intertwine. With its commitment to cubist aesthetics, engaging gameplay mechanics, and a sound design that complements the cubic experience, Squareface offers a refreshing and captivating adventure. Whether navigating puzzles, engaging in combat, or customizing their cubic hero, players find themselves immersed in a world that is both visually distinct and inherently fun. As Squareface continues to evolve with post-launch support and community contributions, it cements its place as a testament to the creative possibilities within the indie gaming landscape, inviting players to unravel the geometric adventures of a cubist hero in a truly unique gaming experience.

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