Demolish and Build Company 2017 PC Game Review


“Demolish and Build Company 2017” is a simulation game developed and published by PlayWay S.A. It immerses players in the role of a construction and demolition contractor, offering a mix of construction management, demolition operations, and business simulation. Released in 2017, the game aims to provide a realistic experience of running a construction company, complete with managing projects, operating heavy machinery, and expanding your business empire.

Gameplay Mechanics

Core Gameplay

The gameplay of Demolish and Build Company 2017 revolves around managing various construction and demolition projects. Players start small, taking on simple tasks like demolishing small structures and gradually progress to larger projects involving complex buildings and infrastructure. The game combines elements of strategy, simulation, and hands-on construction/demolition operations.

Construction Management

As the owner of a construction company, players must oversee every aspect of their business. This includes bidding on contracts, managing finances, hiring workers, and purchasing equipment. Balancing budgets and resources is crucial to success, as mismanagement can lead to financial losses or missed opportunities.

Demolition Operations

Demolition is a significant aspect of the game, requiring players to strategically dismantle structures using a variety of heavy machinery. From wrecking balls to excavators and bulldozers, each piece of equipment offers unique capabilities for different demolition tasks. Precision and efficiency are rewarded, as completing projects within budget and on time is key to reputation and profitability.

Expansion and Upgrades

As players progress, they can expand their company by acquiring new properties, upgrading equipment, and unlocking advanced machinery. Investing in technology and skilled workers allows for tackling more challenging projects and increasing profitability. The game offers a sense of progression as players build their construction empire from humble beginnings to industry leader.

Graphics and Visuals

Visual Design

Demolish and Build Company 2017 features detailed 3D graphics that bring construction sites and machinery to life. The environments are realistic, with diverse settings ranging from urban areas to rural landscapes. The game’s attention to detail in equipment models and environmental textures enhances immersion, making players feel like they’re on real construction sites.

Environmental Detail

The game’s environments are dynamic, with day-night cycles and weather effects that impact gameplay. Rain, snow, and sunshine affect construction and demolition operations, adding a layer of realism and challenge. Environmental hazards and obstacles must be navigated carefully, further enhancing the simulation experience.

Machinery and Equipment

The machinery and equipment in Demolish and Build Company 2017 are accurately modeled and varied. Each piece of equipment has distinct handling characteristics and functionalities, requiring skill and strategy to operate effectively. From cranes and dump trucks to jackhammers and pneumatic drills, players have access to a comprehensive arsenal of tools for construction and demolition tasks.

Sound Design

Audio Effects

Sound design in Demolish and Build Company 2017 contributes to the game’s immersive experience. The audio effects of machinery, such as engines roaring, hydraulic systems operating, and debris falling, are realistic and add to the sense of being on a construction site. Environmental sounds, like birds chirping or traffic in the distance, further enhance the atmosphere.

Music and Ambiance

The game’s soundtrack is subtle, providing background ambiance that complements the gameplay without being intrusive. The music adjusts dynamically based on the in-game situation, intensifying during critical moments or calming during downtime. This adaptive music system enhances immersion and adds to the overall experience of running a construction business.

User Experience

Learning Curve

Demolish and Build Company 2017 has a moderate learning curve, particularly for players new to construction simulation games. The game provides tutorials and guidance to familiarize players with controls, equipment operation, and business management. Mastery of construction and demolition techniques requires practice, but the game rewards players with a deep and satisfying simulation experience.


The replayability of Demolish and Build Company 2017 is high, thanks to its diverse range of projects, equipment options, and strategic decisions. Players can approach each contract differently, experimenting with various demolition methods or construction approaches. The game’s sandbox mode allows for creative freedom, enabling players to build and demolish without constraints, further extending replay value.

Challenges and Objectives

The game offers a variety of challenges and objectives to keep players engaged. Contracts range in complexity and scope, from basic demolition jobs to intricate construction projects. Meeting client expectations, managing resources efficiently, and overcoming unforeseen challenges are constant objectives that require strategic thinking and problem-solving skills.

Performance and Optimization

Demolish and Build Company 2017 runs smoothly on a range of PC configurations, with adjustable graphics settings to accommodate different hardware capabilities. The game is optimized to minimize performance issues, ensuring a stable and enjoyable experience. However, like any simulation game, performance may vary based on the complexity of the construction site and the number of active elements.


Demolish and Build Company 2017 offers a realistic and engaging simulation of the construction and demolition industry. The game’s blend of management, strategy, and hands-on operations provides a comprehensive experience for players interested in running their own construction company. With its detailed graphics, immersive sound design, and challenging gameplay mechanics, Demolish and Build Company 2017 stands out as a notable title in the simulation genre.

Whether you’re interested in heavy machinery, strategic business management, or the satisfaction of demolishing and rebuilding, Demolish and Build Company 2017 delivers a rewarding experience. Its dynamic environments, diverse challenges, and sense of progression make it a compelling choice for simulation enthusiasts and gamers looking for a unique gameplay experience.

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