Crazy Machines 3 PC Game Review


“Crazy Machines 3” is a physics-based puzzle game developed by Fakt Software and published by Daedalic Entertainment. Released in 2016, it is the latest installment in the popular Crazy Machines series, known for its intricate puzzles and creative challenges. In Crazy Machines 3, players are tasked with building elaborate contraptions using a variety of gadgets and components to solve complex puzzles. This review explores the gameplay mechanics, graphics, sound design, and overall user experience of Crazy Machines 3.

Gameplay Mechanics

Puzzle-Solving and Contraptions

At its core, Crazy Machines 3 challenges players to construct Rube Goldberg-like machines to achieve specific objectives. Each puzzle presents a problem that requires creative thinking and experimentation. Players use a vast array of gadgets, ranging from simple gears and pulleys to advanced electrical components and explosives, to build their contraptions. The game encourages players to explore different combinations and solutions, fostering a sense of innovation and problem-solving.

Physics Simulation

The game’s physics engine is a central feature, accurately simulating the interactions between objects and components in the player’s contraptions. Gravity, momentum, and friction play crucial roles in determining the success or failure of each puzzle solution. Players must consider these factors when designing and testing their machines, adding a layer of realism and challenge to the gameplay.

Campaign Mode and Challenges

Crazy Machines 3 offers a campaign mode with a series of increasingly complex puzzles and challenges. Each puzzle introduces new mechanics and gadgets, gradually expanding the player’s toolkit and testing their puzzle-solving skills. The challenges range from straightforward tasks to intricate setups that require precise timing and coordination among multiple components.

Sandbox Mode and User-generated Content

In addition to the campaign mode, Crazy Machines 3 includes a sandbox mode where players can freely experiment with gadgets and create their own puzzles and contraptions. The game supports user-generated content, allowing players to share their creations with the community and download puzzles created by other players. This feature extends the game’s longevity and provides endless opportunities for new challenges and creativity.

Graphics and Visuals

Art Style and Design

Crazy Machines 3 features a colorful and cartoonish art style that complements its playful and creative gameplay. The environments and gadgets are visually appealing, with detailed animations and visual effects that enhance the player’s experience. The game’s design prioritizes clarity and readability, ensuring that players can easily identify and interact with different components and objects.

Environments and Settings

The game takes players through a variety of thematic settings, from laboratories and workshops to exotic locations and outer space. Each environment provides unique challenges and opportunities for puzzle-solving, with interactive elements that add depth to the gameplay. The diversity of settings keeps the gameplay fresh and engaging, encouraging exploration and experimentation.

Visual Effects and Animations

Crazy Machines 3 utilizes visual effects and animations to emphasize the dynamic nature of its puzzles and contraptions. Explosions, chain reactions, and intricate movements are rendered with smooth animations and realistic physics simulations. The game’s visual effects add excitement and spectacle to successful puzzle solutions, rewarding players with satisfying displays of creativity and ingenuity.

Sound Design

Sound Effects

Sound design in Crazy Machines 3 enhances the immersion and feedback of gameplay actions. Each gadget and component has distinct sound effects that convey its function and operation. The game’s physics-based interactions are accompanied by realistic audio cues, such as the clanking of gears, the whirring of motors, and the explosion of dynamite. These sound effects contribute to the game’s atmosphere and provide auditory feedback for player actions.

Music and Ambiance

The game features a lively and upbeat soundtrack that complements its whimsical and inventive gameplay. The music adjusts dynamically to match the pace and intensity of puzzle-solving, creating an immersive and enjoyable experience. Ambient sounds, such as background chatter in laboratories or the hum of machinery, further enhance the game’s atmosphere and thematic settings.

User Experience

Learning Curve

Crazy Machines 3 offers a gradual learning curve that introduces players to its mechanics and challenges. The campaign mode serves as a tutorial, gradually increasing in difficulty as players progress. The game provides tooltips and hints to guide players through new mechanics and gadgets, ensuring that they can learn and master each concept at their own pace.


The replayability of Crazy Machines 3 is high, thanks to its diverse range of puzzles, sandbox mode, and user-generated content. Players can revisit puzzles to improve their solutions or experiment with new gadgets and strategies. The ability to create and share custom puzzles extends the game’s longevity, fostering a vibrant community of players who continue to create and solve puzzles long after completing the campaign.

Accessibility and Customization

The game offers accessibility options and customizable settings to cater to different player preferences. Players can adjust graphics settings, control schemes, and audio options to optimize their experience. The intuitive user interface and clear visual feedback make Crazy Machines 3 accessible to players of all ages and skill levels, while still offering depth and complexity for puzzle enthusiasts.

Performance and Optimization

Crazy Machines 3 is well-optimized for PC platforms, running smoothly on a range of hardware configurations. The game’s graphics settings are adjustable to accommodate lower-end systems or enhance visual fidelity on high-end PCs. The developers continue to support the game with updates and patches, ensuring stability and performance improvements over time.

Themes and Impact

Creativity and Problem-Solving

Crazy Machines 3 encourages creativity and critical thinking through its puzzle-solving mechanics. Players are rewarded for experimenting with different gadgets and approaches, fostering innovation and exploration. The game celebrates ingenuity and offers a platform for players to showcase their problem-solving skills through user-generated content.

Entertainment and Engagement

The game’s entertaining and engaging gameplay captivates players with its whimsical charm and challenging puzzles. The satisfaction of successfully solving a complex contraption or witnessing a chain reaction of events is a hallmark of Crazy Machines 3’s appeal. The game’s blend of education and entertainment makes it a compelling choice for players seeking intellectual stimulation and creative expression.


Crazy Machines 3 stands out as a delightful and challenging physics-based puzzle game that celebrates creativity and ingenuity. With its extensive campaign mode, sandbox options, and robust community features, the game offers endless opportunities for puzzle-solving and experimentation. The vibrant visuals, immersive sound design, and accessible gameplay mechanics make Crazy Machines 3 a standout title in the puzzle genre, appealing to players of all ages and skill levels.

Whether you’re a seasoned puzzle enthusiast or new to the genre, Crazy Machines 3 promises hours of engaging gameplay and creative exploration. Its blend of strategic thinking, physics simulation, and playful design ensures a rewarding experience that encourages players to think outside the box and embrace their inner inventor.

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