The Sims 4: Get Together – A Comprehensive Guide


“The Sims 4: Get Together” is the second expansion pack for “The Sims 4,” released by Electronic Arts and Maxis in December 2015. This expansion enriches the gameplay by introducing new social dynamics, activities, and the vibrant European-inspired world of Windenburg. It focuses on group activities, clubs, and new ways for Sims to interact and socialize. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore all aspects of “The Sims 4: Get Together,” including new features, gameplay mechanics, and tips for making the most out of this expansion pack.

Overview of Key Features

“The Sims 4: Get Together” brings a host of new features to enhance your gameplay experience:

  1. Clubs: Create and join various clubs with specific activities, rules, and rewards.
  2. New World – Windenburg: Explore the picturesque and vibrant new world with unique neighborhoods, landmarks, and venues.
  3. New Skills: Improve your Sims’ abilities with new skills like DJ Mixing and Dancing.
  4. Social Activities: Participate in group activities such as pub games, bonfires, and dance parties.
  5. New Build/Buy Items: Decorate your Sims’ homes and community lots with a range of new items inspired by European design.

Clubs and Social Groups

Creating and Managing Clubs

Clubs are a central feature of “Get Together,” allowing Sims to form groups with shared interests and activities.

  1. Creating a Club:
    • Open the Club Panel from the bottom-right corner of the screen.
    • Click on “Create a Club” and choose a name, icon, and description for your club.
    • Set the club’s requirements, including age, traits, skills, and more.
  2. Setting Club Activities:
    • Choose up to five club activities that members will engage in during gatherings. These can range from social interactions to specific hobbies and tasks.
    • You can also define up to five activities that are discouraged or banned during club gatherings.
  3. Club Perks:
    • Earn club points by participating in club activities.
    • Use club points to purchase various perks, such as improved skills, exclusive club outfits, and social boosts.
  4. Club Hangouts:
    • Assign a specific location as the club’s hangout, where members will automatically gather.
    • You can choose any lot, including community lots, residential lots, and custom venues.

Popular Club Types

  1. Hobby Clubs: Focus on specific hobbies like gardening, painting, or fishing.
  2. Social Clubs: Emphasize social interactions and parties.
  3. Skill Clubs: Centered around improving particular skills such as fitness or cooking.
  4. Sports Clubs: Engage in physical activities and sports like swimming, soccer, or yoga.
  5. Mischief Clubs: For Sims who enjoy pranks and mischievous activities.

Exploring Windenburg

Neighborhoods and Venues

Windenburg is a European-inspired world with distinct neighborhoods and a variety of venues to explore.

  1. Neighborhoods:
    • Olde Platz: The historic town center with cafes, shops, and beautiful architecture.
    • The Countryside: Picturesque rural areas with farms, lakes, and sprawling estates.
    • The Island: A secluded island with modern mansions and scenic views.
    • The Bluffs: A rugged coastal area perfect for bonfires and secret gatherings.
  2. Venues:
    • The Von Haunt Estate: A haunted mansion with a rich history and beautiful gardens.
    • Discotheque Pan Europa: A bustling nightclub with DJs and dance floors.
    • The Shrieking Llama: A cozy pub perfect for hanging out with friends and playing games.
    • South Square Coffee: A trendy cafe ideal for casual meetups and dates.

Hidden Locations

Windenburg also features hidden locations that offer unique experiences and collectibles:

  1. The Ancient Ruins: A mysterious site with ancient artifacts and a perfect spot for group gatherings.
  2. The Hedge Maze: Located at the Von Haunt Estate, this maze challenges your Sims’ navigation skills and offers hidden surprises.

New Skills and Activities

DJ Mixing

  1. Skill Development:
    • Purchase a DJ booth from the Buy Mode catalog.
    • Practice DJing at home or at venues with DJ booths.
    • Level up the DJ Mixing skill to unlock new interactions, special effects, and the ability to perform at parties.
  2. Performing:
    • Start a DJ performance by clicking on the DJ booth.
    • Choose different music genres and transitions to keep the crowd entertained.
    • Use special effects like fog, lights, and fireworks to enhance the performance.


  1. Skill Development:
    • Practice dancing by clicking on any stereo or attending dance parties.
    • Level up the Dancing skill to unlock new dance moves, routines, and interactions.
  2. Dance Battles:
    • Challenge other Sims to dance battles by clicking on them and selecting the appropriate interaction.
    • Win dance battles to earn bragging rights and impress other Sims.

Group Activities

  1. Pub Games:
    • Play darts, foosball, and Don’t Wake The Llama at venues like The Shrieking Llama.
    • Improve your skills and challenge friends to friendly competitions.
  2. Bonfires:
    • Light bonfires at The Bluffs or other outdoor locations.
    • Add fuel, dance around the fire, and tell group stories to enhance the experience.
  3. Parties:
    • Host dance parties, house parties, and club gatherings to bring Sims together.
    • Use the new DJ Mixing and Dancing skills to make parties more exciting.

Build/Buy Mode Enhancements

New Objects and Decorations

  1. Furniture:
    • Modern European-inspired furniture, including sofas, chairs, tables, and beds.
    • Outdoor furniture for gardens, patios, and terraces.
  2. Decor:
    • New decorative items like sculptures, paintings, and plants.
    • Fireplaces, bookcases, and wall art to enhance indoor spaces.
  3. Lighting:
    • Stylish new lighting options, including chandeliers, floor lamps, and outdoor lights.

New Building Features

  1. Natural Pools:
    • Create natural-looking pools with rocks, plants, and customizable shapes.
    • Add diving boards, pool lights, and poolside decorations.
  2. Cafe and Bar Items:
    • Set up cafes and bars with new counters, espresso machines, and bar stools.
    • Design cozy corners with cafe tables, chairs, and decorative items.

Tips and Tricks

Maximizing Club Benefits

  1. Diverse Activities: Choose a variety of activities to keep club members engaged and earn more club points.
  2. Regular Gatherings: Host regular club gatherings to build relationships and improve skills.
  3. Club Perks: Invest in club perks that enhance your Sims’ abilities and social interactions.

Exploring Windenburg

  1. Hidden Gems: Take the time to explore every corner of Windenburg to discover hidden locations and collectibles.
  2. Community Events: Participate in community events and festivals to meet new Sims and experience unique activities.

Improving Skills

  1. Practice Regularly: Dedicate time to practicing DJ Mixing and Dancing skills to unlock new abilities and interactions.
  2. Attend Parties: Use parties and club gatherings as opportunities to practice and showcase your Sims’ skills.

Building and Decorating

  1. Theme Consistency: Maintain a consistent theme when decorating homes and venues to create visually appealing spaces.
  2. Outdoor Spaces: Make use of new outdoor furniture and decorations to create inviting gardens and patios.


“The Sims 4: Get Together” offers a rich and dynamic addition to the base game, focusing on social interactions, group activities, and the vibrant world of Windenburg. By understanding and utilizing the new features, such as clubs, new skills, and social activities, you can enhance your Sims’ lives and create memorable experiences. Whether you’re exploring hidden locations, improving your Sims’ abilities, or hosting exciting gatherings, “Get Together” provides endless opportunities for fun and creativity. Dive into the world of Windenburg and see how this expansion pack transforms the way your Sims interact and enjoy their lives.

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